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Tastefully Interactive

FynnTastic has a unique ability to get the guests involved and having a great time, all within good taste, tactfully and in a fun atmosphere.  It is NEVER anything “cheesy”, embarrassing, or off-color. Do you want to get your people involved in the party? DJ Fynntastic can start off with energy and infectious enthusiasm to create an exciting atmosphere for your guests. If you prefer that he be more laid back, he can do that too. YOU determine the atmosphere that YOU would like him to create. He will work with you to make sure that the format and atmosphere have YOUR “signature,” reflecting your tastes and preferences.

DJ FynnTastic

Has never missed a function and has never even been late to a function — not even once — in over 25 years of business. I will only do one event a day so that I can allow plenty of time to get to your event and set up well before the first guests arrive without feeling rushed. As integral member of the Toronto DJ family, I have a reliable network of individuals upon whom I can call in an emergency. I have never had to call upon that network of people but it is good to know that I am prepared in case of emergency.

Commitment to Excellence

Whether is on live radio, hosting and event, DJing at a function, producing or managing an event, you are guaranteed a commitment of excellence from FynnTastic World.

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